Infractive was founded from the desire to bring two realms closer together – the fibre optic infrastructure and the network.

Our foundations

We realised that these two compatible worlds were not interacting enough with each other. To overcome this hurdle, we created a company that connects network stakeholders, in particular fibre optic networks, by making technical expertise our first choice.

In this way, we can supply you with products to build, operate and maintain networks, from a single source. This means that we can share our knowledge and best practices with you from the wide range of stakeholders who are involved in these infrastructures.

So, whatever you need, Infractive can offer the right solution for you.

Our product range

The Infractive catalogue has a wide range of products. Some are very complicated, such as the state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment, others are more straightforward such as tools and consumables. We break our range down into 3 main categories: fibre optic infrastructure products, products relating to network transmission and lastly, test and measurement equipment to qualify the installation and networks.

Fibre optic infrastructures

This range has all the products and equipment to build your network infrastructure (also known as “passive”).Because of this large variety, Infractive can offer all the elements you need for network cabling.

Infrastructure equipment

All the products you need to set up your infrastructure: fibre optic closures, patch panels, cubicles and aerial accessories.

Tools and consumables

The essentials for installing fibre optics: cable identification, power tools, site safety and tools.

Cables and patch cords

Tous les cordons et jarretières dont vous avez besoin (différents connecteurs, un grand choix fibre et de longueurs).

Cable pulling and rodding equipment

Cable pulling and rodding equipment: cable pulling devices and accessories, chamber opening tools, safety and signage equipment.

Network transmission equipment

Infractive offers a wide range of transmission and access equipment to meet most needs.

Whether you’re an operator, data centre or simply a business, whether you need a simple point-to-point link or a complicated WDM architecture with high availability, our engineers are here to help define the solution that is right for you.

An end-to-end project approach

With our expertise in the field of fibre optic transmissions, we can support you throughout the life cycle of your project right up to commissioning :

  1. Requirement definition
  2. Demonstration (PoC)
  3. Compliance testing of your infrastructure
  4. Suitable and scalable architecture solution
  5. Assistance and deployment
  6. Operational testing

Your business protected

We offer you support and maintenance to suit your needs, including on-site servicing within a guaranteed timeframe. This ensures that your infrastructure has the best possible availability during its service life.

A high-profile partner

We have chosen equipment manufacturers who have been working in the transmission market for many years. Our close partnerships make it possible for us to have an advanced knowledge of their products and to benefit from the privileged communication channels we have with them.

  • Compatible transceivers : Vaonix
  • Access equipment : Raisecom
  • CPE : Raisecom
  • Collection equipment : Raisecom
  • Passive WDM solutions : Vaonix
  • WDM/OTN solutions : PacketLight et Raisecom
  • GPON solutions : Raisecom et Telnet

All-terrain solutions

From data centre interconnection to FTTA collection to business access equipment, our transmission solutions can be deployed in the most demanding environments.

A diagnosis created to meet your needs

Does the performance of your current solution not live up to your expectations ? We can carry out an audit to highlight areas for improvement or developments that will provide users with the best possible experience.

Access equipment

Demarcation devices. Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE).

Collection equipment

Chassis aggregation.

Passive WDM solutions

DWDM and CWDM. Multiplexers, demultiplexers and OADM.

WDM solutions

Muxponders, transponders, EDFA amplifiers and dispersion compensators.

Test and measurement equipment

Infractive is a recognised Test & Measurement expert: it’s our renowned core business. We have an extensive range of measurement equipment for all materials: copper, wireless and, of course, fibre.

Our complete range of test & measurement equipment will make it possible for you to analyse and validate your network infrastructure but also to qualify the transmission on your network. Last but not least, we offer the devices you will need to track and monitor the service quality of your network.

  • Test your optical infrastructure: all the equipment you need to check and validate optical links: photometers, visual fault locators (light pens), OLTS & curve processing software, connector inspections, accessories.
  • Test your network transmission: protocol analysers (Ethernet, OTU, CPRI, OBSAI, Fibre channel etc.)
  • Monitor your network: from the physical layer to the application layer
  • Test your copper network: copper network detectors, megohmmeters, reflectometers, xDSL analysers.
  • Test your wireless network: 5G tester

Guaranteed support

First and foremost, Infractive is a trusted partner, providing a service to meet your needs. Our commitments are simple: :

  1. Pre-sales technical support to help you choose your equipment : this guarantees that you’ll find the device to match your needs.
  2. After-sales assistance : our teams are here to support you during the service life your equipment, both in terms of getting started and maintenance.
  3. Product demonstrations : to help you make the right choice, we offer live demonstrations and even lease equipment for you to test to ensure that it’s the correct device for you.
  4. Tailor-made training : as an approved training centre, we provide both theoretical and practical training on all aspects of our business (fibre, copper, wireless, infrastructure, transmission, monitoring).
  5. Leasing equipment : we can lease equipment on an ad hoc basis (for technical qualification or when your equipment is being serviced in our maintenance centre, for example). We can also help you set up rental solutions with our rental partners.

The products that we’ve selected make it possible for you to automate, streamline and organise your workflows and tests in the field.

Trusted partners

Year after year, we support and strengthen our links with telecom network equipment manufacturers and developers. We develop these partnerships over time by constantly improving our service offering to best meet our customers’ expectations.

Copper networks

Copper network detectors, megohmmeters, reflectometers and xDSL analysers.

Fibre optic monitoring

Fibre optic monitoring equipment, real-time OTDR.

Wireless networks

Analyseur de spectre, analyseur de câble et drive test.