Fiber optical expert

As a superfast broadband specialist distributor, Infractive offer you all the essential elements of a telecom network.

Infractive is by your side

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Infractive was founded from the desire of a team of fibre optic network experts to combine their skills to create a company with a solid technical base.

With its technical expertise, Infractive operates as a distributor with high added value that provides advice, as well as being a trusted partner that offers a complete range of services to support its customers throughout the service life of their network. Infractive offers you all the essential elements of a telecom network (active and passive components, measurement, transmission and monitoring equipment). It helps users make the right decisions when it comes to equipment, connection, deployment verification and network monitoring – from physical layer to service quality. Infractive assists you in commissioning your equipment and maintains it in its manufacturer-certified service centre.