Infractive is a specialist superfast broadband distributor and designer.

We were founded from the desire of a team of fibre optic network experts to combine their skills to create a company with a solid technical base. With its technical expertise, Infractive operates as a distributor with high added value that provides advice, as well as being a trusted partner that offers a complete range of services to support its customers throughout the service life of their network.

We offer you all the essential elements of a telecom network (active and passive components, measurement, transmission and monitoring equipment).

We help users make the right decisions when it comes to equipment, connection, deployment verification and network monitoring – from physical layer to service quality. Infractive assists you in commissioning your equipment and maintains it in its manufacturer-certified service centre.

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More than 10 years ago, the telecom market was divided into those who were experts in networks and those who were experts in fibre optic infrastructures, but none, or very few, had an expert knowledge of both. Infractive was founded from our desire to support customers throughout the life cycle of their network. Our DNA will always be to stand out from the crowd via our technical know-how and our knowledge of multiple technologies.

Mathieu HUSSON, Président Fondateur

Closer to our customers – Infractive is expanding to offer you even more support

Infractive has always been based in the Paris region. As our priority is to address issues on the ground, we have set up several subsidiaries in Europe and Africa.

We have 3 offices in France:

  1. Clamart (92)
  2. Lyon (69)
  3. Avignon (84)

We also have a subsidiary in Germany, Infractive GMBH, and one in England, Infractive LTD.

In Africa, we have two subsidiaries.

Infractive CI was established in Ivory Coast in 2015 and Infractive SN was recently set up in Dakar, Senegal.

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Our key figures in 2021


Year created

With 14 years of experience, Infractive is one of the long-standing suppliers in the telecom sector.



Our success can also be seen in our recruitment. We are recruiting more staff every year.



From the outset, Infractive has continued to expand. We have grown from a small start-up to an international SME.


Infractive subsidiaries

Created in 2015, Infractive Cl was our first subsidiary. The other 3, Infractive SE, Infractive GMBH and Infractive LTD were set up 2021.

Our presence in the telecom sector

Our company is fully committed to the telecom sector. As a deployment expert, Mathieu Husson, our President, regularly speaks at various organisations specialising in fibre optics. For more than 10 years, we have been involved in writing various manuals on FTTH networks (Objectif Fibre, CREDO, Plan France Très Haut Débit [France’s superfast broadband rollout], etc.).

Infractive is a member of the main organisations in the telecom sector. Infractive sits on the management committee of the two leading organisations in the industry, CREDO and Innovance.

Our values, our promise

Maintaining our expertise

To provide you with the best possible support, we constantly have our ear to the ground.

We keep up to date of technical developments by co-operating closely with Research and Development centres. It is essential that we be totally familiar with the market and our customers. We can therefore offer them a range of solutions, either innovative or traditional, that correspond to their different projects.


Customer satisfaction is an important guiding principle for us.

We assist you in choosing the right equipment to meet your needs and budget. We help you solve any technical issues, install and even set up your equipment. Our vision: long-term support, always.

Earning your trust

A partnership exists on trust – Infractive is committed and listens to you.

We are highly committed to the telecom sector. As a deployment expert, Mathieu Husson, our President, regularly speaks at various organisations specialising in fibre optics. We sit on the management committee of the two leading organisations in the industry, CREDO and Innovance.

Teamwork and partnership

Our success is based on investment and our combined knowledge.

At Infractive, the involvement of all our staff is the key to our success. Each link in our chain works together for a common goal: the success of your projects. We all have our own area of expertise but it’s the combination of everyone’s strengths that allow us to evolve and make your projects a success.

Our affiliations, our CSR commitment

We have joined the United Nations Global Compact.

The company is committed to ten principles relating to human rights, work, the environment and anti-corruption.

We are signatories to the French Diversity Charter.

The company is committed to promoting diversity and to fighting discrimination.

We are a member of the French Observatory of Sustainable Procurement.

The company is committed to being an agent of change and is working towards more ethical purchasing.

Infractive a choisi de promouvoir la démarche de progrès liée à la responsabilité sociale et environnementale de ses actions quotidiennes.

I chose to become an entrepreneur to implement a virtuous economic business activity which promotes the protection of our environment, and to make it possible for my employees to blossom in a healthy working environment. Diversity (social, cultural, gender, age, etc.) brings intellectual enrichment that must stimulate the intelligence to fight against all forms of discrimination. This philosophy is one of the pillars of the company’s values.


Mathieu HUSSON, Founding President